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Our Mission

J. E. Williams and Associates, LLC (JEWA) is committed to building the capacity of organizations and institutions to develop the education, health, economic equity, and social justice of communities. We intend to advance the research, practice, and knowledge of community development, community building, comprehensive community prevention, and collaboration. We do so using an integrated, participatory approach to providing research and evaluation support, technical assistance, and training. Our purpose is to help organizations ‘walk the talk’ of their stated objectives, goals, strategies, and measures.

What We Do

JEWA will assist you with user-friendly and culturally sensitive technical assistance in program implementation, evaluation, research, and generating meaningful data to inform decision making at all levels.  Our network includes consultants specializing in qualitative and quantitative data collection, analysis, reporting, and presentation, business and personal coaching, interpersonal training, and organization development. 

Contact Information

For a free consultation, contact Dr. Jennifer E. Williams


(513) 542-6636 (Office)
(513) 542-6646 (FAX)
(513) 312-2341 (Mobile)

J. E. Williams and Associates, LLC
791 E. McMillan Street  Ste. 210A1
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